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  • New poetry video - Shrinking Pains by Nico Renzick
  • New poetry released - The Biology of Strangeness by Mike Essig
  • New Kindle novel released - The Other One by Nico Reznick
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    Currently residing at B*Star Kitty Press are Mike Essig, C Z Hazard and Nico Reznick


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    At B*Star Kitty Press, we’re passionate about promoting original literature and supporting the people who write it.

    With the mainstream book industry becoming increasingly insular and the self-published market becoming ever more crowded, we appreciate that talent is no longer enough to succeed. Most publishing houses these days won’t even look at unsolicited submissions; they expect would-be writers to go through a literary agent. Getting a literary agent is of itself no mean feat for a first time author, and there’s no guarantee an agent will accept your overtures as a prospective client.

    Often, publishers and agents already know the exact kind of manuscripts and authors they’re looking for, usually aiming to reproduce the last big industry success (just think of the number of “Twilight” and “Fifty Shades…” clones that flooded the market, or the spontaneous generation of “Scandi Crime Fiction” as a new genre). Sadly, this backward-looking approach can leave a lot of talented, independent writers out in the cold, with no agent and definitely no book deal.

    That’s where we want to help.

    If you have talent, vision and dedication, we really want to hear from you. Rather than looking to the past in an attempt to recreate the last big thing, we’re about looking to the future of publishing and asking, “So what’s next?”

    We remember that all our favourite authors were once unknown. There was a time when our heroes hadn’t even put pen to paper yet. Every book that’s changed our lives was once a rough draft; once upon a time, it was just an idea, and before that, nothing.

    We aim to provide gifted, driven writers with the support that they need to get their books out into the public market, where they can find the audiences they deserve. We know the work that goes into converting that first brilliant spark of inspiration into a complete, edited, proof-read, formatted, book-covered, ready-to-go-live book, whether in print or digital mediums. We’re lucky enough to know people who are good at the various essential stages of the process; we can help hook authors up with proof/beta-readers, editors and cover designers. We want to share our own hard-learned lessons in publishing, and we want to help talented authors market and promote their books, so they can reach as many readers as possible.

    There are enough industry opportunists and clever marketeers in the book world. We want more literary heroes. Are you in?

    BStar Kitty Press