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Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part Two Horrorcaust by C Z Hazard

Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part Two Horrorcaust by C Z Hazard

Society teeters on the brink of collapse. It looks like it’s the End of Days, and all because a sci fi author with creative block decided to switch genres. Why did Shamus Ohio have to go and write a vampire novel? Now a lot of people are dead, civilisation has fallen to rioting and violent disorder, and everyone Shamus cares about is in danger of being torn apart by creatures that shouldn’t even exist. If imagination got us into this mess, can we imagine a way back out of it? Shamus had better hope so. Every nightfall brings more death, more destruction. If it keeps up like this, there’ll be no one left to read his books…

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Part Two - Horrorcaust

by C Z Hazard

Comments on Buy Generic Vampire Novel #937: Part Two - Horrorcaust by C Z Hazard

"Whilst the first book serves as set up and the story of an author who's book he hates gets out of hand, part 2 is more of the pay off and consequences of how popular media can alter perceptions in the eyes of the public.
The book starts off exactly where the first left off and whist I admit I read this about 6 months after the first the way things were explained reminded me as if I had just finished reading the first volume.
This book is very different to the first, whilst the earlier work feels more like a dark comedy revolving around a fed up writer putting up with something he no longer has control of, the second deals with consequences but is closer to the horror that the eponymous Generic novel is about. The humour is still there, but with darker undertones and humanity hanging in the balance, there doesn't feel like there is much to laugh about.
In summary, you can do far worse than pick this up, the humour is still there, there are Furmanisms which help lighten the mood, as well as a twist due to a certain change made between Shamus' novel and the film adaptation that is just hilarious but exactly the kind of thing that often happens when novels are adapted without the original author's input. The subject matter is darker than the first book, and also relies on the reader's familiarity with the characters and how events unfold.
I intend to read both back to back, which might be the best way to read it, but at less than £5 for a fun yet tension building story, with a satisfactory ending that doesn't feel forced."

"Absolutely loved this book! In addition to being a fantastic and unique take on Vampires, it's also a bitingly witty commentary on society and it's odd fetishes and fads. I strongly urge you to read part one, and then pick up part two to read immediately after."

"There were literally times I was weeping with laughter. I don't mean the ROTFLMAO kind, I mean the real kind, where the dogs come and look at you to see if you're okay kind of laughing. Shamus's book, optioned for a movie, is actually made in this part. All heck breaks loose. Merrcy, the protagonist of the book plays a big role in this second book of the series. I can't really say anymore, other than this is the best book about vampyres I have ever read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

"Excellent, fast-paced conclusion to Generic Vampire #937 Part One. The conclusion is logically and artfully accomplished. This is fine satire. If C Z Hazard had been writing in the 60s, when satire was appreciated, he would be right up there with Kurt Vonnegut, he is that good. Buy both novels. If you love satire, you will be rewarded. And, again, speaking as an American, Hazard gets frighteningly into the American mind. This is America as it truly is but on a combo of meth and steroids. Brutally but hilariously dead on. "

An interesting take on the Vampire phenomenon. But the reason I really enjoyed these 2 books was the deeper story of our modern society and politics. In the foot steps of George Orwell, fantasy exposing a dystopian world.

"If you read the first volume of Generic Vampire Novel, then surely you need to know what happens next after the twists and turns, and cliff-hanger we were left on? I know I couldn't wait. Just as good as the first, and was hard to put down once I'd started. I could say more but if you haven't read the first volume (which you should), then I wouldn't want to spoil anything from them or this follow-up."

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