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The Biology of Strangeness by Mike Essig Paperback Edition

Buy The Biology Of Strangeness
Paperback Edition
by Mike Essig

The Biology of Strangeness by Mike Essig

The Biology of Strangeness invites you to consider the impossibilities.

This collection of poetry presents snapshots of the everyday – hideously decaffeinated mornings; scattered newspaper pages; insomniac nights in the company of cats; school buses; Hawaiian shirts – viewed through a fractured, surrealist lens. It offers kaleidoscopic new perspectives onto grand, universal themes, like memory, ageing, human conflict, loneliness and the quest to create better art. It’s a celebration of the majesty of language and its staggering capacity to make us feel, think and understand.

Elegant, yet earthy, Essig’s style is rich with texture and detail. His work is suffused with a warmly wry humour that complements his often stark and steely realism.

Mike Essig is a veteran of Vietnam and a retired English teacher. He’s also been recruited by the muse as a poet, like he hadn’t already been through enough.

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The Biology of Strangeness is available to buy in paperback and on Kindle.

Buy The Biology of Strangeness by Mike Essig Kindle EditionBuy The Biology of Strangeness
by Mike Essig

Comments on The Biology of Strangeness by Mike Essig

"To my great surprise, I enjoy poetry now. This is the third book I've read of Mike's. It's really excellent and I hope he continues to create for a long time."

"I love everything Mike writes. This is not your high school english teachers idea of poetry. Fresh and original style. It must be very strange to be in Mike's head. Do yourself a favor and buy all his books!"

"This book of poems is a hidden gem, written by someone who has not only lived but survived with an incredible sense of humor intact. Meaningful and moving poetry. Some will have you laughing, others such as, "Night All Day" and "Things To Do At Two AM" can help you get through some rough times. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Highly Recommend."

"I sat down to write a review of this poetry book a couple of weeks ago, but got no further than saying it felt like I’d just seen a David Lynch film, in that: I couldn’t possibly be expected to review it after just one sitting. I’ve had a couple more sittings since then, and now I find I still can’t describe how much I enjoyed discovering the fabulousness of Mike Essig’s verse. The subjects range from everydayness (such as Essig standing up for his love of Hawaiian shirts) to surrealistic, metaphysical delights, all told with the crazed bite of a wise prophet and wordsmith of the highest order. ‘The Biology of Strangeness’ felt something like the day after a night out with Andre Breton and Captain Beefheart on mushrooms. But that’s the best I can come up with, and that description doesn’t do justice to the greatness of this collection. Actually, this is a book which I feel no reviews could do justice, as you just need to read it for yourself. Essig also overuses the word ‘Cassowaries’. A lot. I liked that."

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