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C Z Hazard
C Z Hazard has turned his hand to many things over his thirty-some years on this planet. At various points in his life, he has been a comic store clerk, a professional wrestler, manager to a rap artist, and robot-monger. He’s since taken to writing, because he really rather likes it.

His first novel, Not In The Eye, was first released in digital format in 2013, and a face-meltingly successful Kickstarter campaign put the book in print in 2015. His second novel, Generic Vampire Novel #937 – Part One: American Sexy, is available on Amazon, and Generic Vampire Novel #937 – Part Two: Horrorcaust is now available. C Z Hazard's latest literary offering is a short story The Long Night Of The Martian Missile Crisis.

Hazard’s fiction is the transgressive progeny of his lifelong fascination with story and his early immersion in pop culture, which developed through adulthood into a keen interest in media trends and the fame machine that defines it. His work satirises (often brutally) the world we’ve created and the future we are set to inherit.

He’s a devotee of sci fi, a skilled Super Mario player, proponent of the Unified Sock Theory, and a highly vocal advocate of the Oxford Comma. He was also Time Magazine’s Person of The Year 2006. In anticipation of your scepticism, he challenges you to look it up.

Sample chapters/excerpts from C Z Hazard's books:

Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part One American Sexy

Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part Two Horrocaust

Not In The Eye

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