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Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part One American Sexy by C Z Hazard

Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part One American Sexy by C Z Hazard

We all know books can change the world, but no one could have predicted that one trashy vampire novel could spell humanity’s annihilation. Propelled out of obscurity and into stardom by the unexpected success of his latest book, reclusive novelist, Shamus Ohio, has to come to terms with his newly acquired fame and fortune. But it seems that ruthless literary agents, hostile interviewers and Hollywood big shots aren’t the only predators he needs to worry about, as events take a sinister turn and the bodycount starts rising. Shamus realises he’s done more than redefine a genre: he’s redefined global destruction.

Read an excerpt from Generic Vampire Novel #937 Part One American Sexy by C Z Hazard

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Part One American Sexy

by C Z Hazard

Comments on Generic Vampire Novel #937: Part One by C Z Hazard

"Hazard has successfully illuminated our ridiculous, media-obsessed society with his creation of "tracking" and his astute description of the media midwife that birthed it!"

"This is a raucous, fast-paced, flat out fun novel. Best of all, it's not about vampires (really), but about how perception shapes reality. Although the book is set mostly in America with mainly American characters, the British author has a perfect ear for American speech and an uncanny understanding of American pop culture. I highly recommend this book and its sequel. If you like Robert Anton Wilson, Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K Dick, you will love this. Truly a great, thought provoking read."

"I've just finished reading this book, having procrastinated with it for some time now. Well I have to say, once I seriously decided to sit down and read it, I couldn't stop. I've done pretty much nothing all day but read this book. I was even sitting outside school waiting for the kids to finish, freezing in the cold car, reading this thing. Got to the end and was hit with an almighty cliffhanger...damn you C Z Hazard!! What can I say? I really enjoyed it. The structure of the sentences were very well put together and every chapter had a justifiable mini-story arc which left me satisfied, yet wanting to continue reading. Some parts had me genuinely laughing out loud. Notable mention here to the part where Stephen tries a cocktail! I think I scared my dog by letting out a loud guffaw that neither she, nor I, was expecting! There was definitely some poetry in motion when I read some of the "reviews" of Horrorcaust within the book. A writer writing about a writer writing about a writer's have to admit there's a certain charm to it! I must admit the relationship between Stephen and Jason struck me as strangely charming. You'd have thought they'd have given up being friends long ago, the way adult friendships do tend to drift apart if the participants have very little in common. The fact that these two are still bosom buddies was quite sweet. The main character, Shamus, was a bit of a quirky fellow. Stoically British, he fluctuates wildly between two states - morose and disney! I liked him, though like Liv I found him a bit of an anomaly. I do wish this had been released as a full novel rather than a two-parter. I'm more partial to novels that are capable of being read as stand-alone books as well as being incorporated into a full series, but nevertheless I thoroughly liked the book and will certainly be purchasing book 2."

"CZ Hazard's second release improves upon his first novella, Not In The Eye. His writing style has evolved and improved and just like NITE, the pace drives through steadily with fully realised characters who you become drawn to as the story progresses. Cutting satire mixed with a dissolution of tired Vampire tropes make for an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable read that have me eagerly awaiting the second installment [Generic Vampire Novel #937: Part Two - Horrorcaust]."

"Worth buying the book even if it's just for the quote, 'If they had the internet two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, Jesus would have been just another guy with a messianic complex and some Twitter followers. Like Russell Brand.'"

"I'd just finished reading CZ Hazard's "Not In The Eye" and had been refreshingly surprised by how much I could enjoy a satirical look at the porn, media and wrestling industries even if they weren't my main spheres of interest when it came to fiction. At the end of that book was a short preview of Generic Vampire Novel #937: American Sexy, and those two short excerpts were enough to get me on board. I have not been disappointed."

"Here we go again. Another vampire story. While many vampire tropes have been done to death, C Z Hazard's Generic Vampire Novel #937 is a refreshing novelty in the genre of vampire novels. Shamus Ohio has written several sci-fi novels with a moderate fan base, but what has thrust this quiet Brit into the limelight is his writing-exercise-turned-novel Horrorcaust striking a chord with a young audience, particularly in the US, who are fascinated with vampires. Following Shamus along his book tour stateside, events take place that get equated with the novel , which only generates increased success for the novel despite Shamus not being particularly fond of this work. The story was incredibly enjoyable and I appreciated how it was self-aware of the genre and tropes that have been overdone."

"This is a fun book. It's about a book, written by Shamus Ohio, who wrote it when he was suffering from writer's block trying to finish the last book in a trilogy. To his surprise, the book is an instant bestseller. And his life will never be the same. Optioned for a movie (fun HOW that was done), your life will never be quite the same. ARRGGG indeed."

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